makeup lesson packages

are you a makeup newbie? a makeup fanatic? maybe you're just in need of a fresh, everyday look? whatever your needs, you can find the right fit with one of our lesson packages!

At each lesson, you will receive 1:1 instruction with one of our experienced makeup artists. We have different options for you to choose from to better suit your personal needs.



Silver: $150

  • $50 worth of makeup

  • up to 1.5 hours

Gold: $200

  • $75 worth of makeup

  • up to 2 hours

Platinum: $250

  • $100 worth of makeup

  • up to 2.5 hours

"I learned so much about application techniques and when to use certain brushes and makeup tools. What was helpful about the class was that the artist would work on one side so we could learn what they did right away and apply it to the other side. At the makeup lesson I was introduced to the makeup brand 'The Perfect Face' and absolutely LOVED it! All of their products look phenomenal! I had a wonderful time, and I would recommend this to anyone interested!’ - Stephanie Cabral


  • We use The Perfect Face brand of makeup. This is what will be available for selection. It's AMAZING!! Feel free to bring YOUR makeup, too!

  • Every lesson comes with a custom face chart of what we covered with product breakdowns.

  • All makeup selections must be made during your lesson. Any credit not used cannot be used at a later date.

  • Want a group lesson? We can absolutely do that! Contact us for rates!