What's the difference between Master, Senior, and Junior Artists?

The main difference is a mix of the time they have been with BlushTones and their airbrushing experience. Most of our artist come to us with no or little experience with airbrushing, but they all come to us with prior makeup experience! The titles normally reflect how many weddings they have done with BlushTones and how much airbrush training they have received. Every BlushTones artist goes through training with the Master Artist before becoming an official artist on the team.

Once their initial training is complete, they become a Junior Artist. After completing 25 weddings, the artist becomes a Senior Artist. After 75 weddings, completing a certified training course, pass a written test based on BlushTones best practices and makeup techniques, and pass a hands on makeup application test, the artist can become an Advanced artist!

How do I secure my wedding date?

To secure your wedding date, all you do is pay the booking deposit and sign a digital contract! It's BlushTones' way of "saving your date"! However, this fee is nonrefundable if cancellations are made. This is deducted from the final cost of services.


How much is your travel fee?

This varies by location, so please check the DETAILS section for the artist of your choice to see their specific travel fee!


What if not everyone in my event party wants makeup services?

No problem! We accommodate any number of people! Our packages are completely customizable!


What do I need to provide?

The only thing you need to provide is electricity - we bring everything else! We provide everything that we need, so you can enjoy your worry-free day!


I'm not exactly sure what makeup style I want!

No worries!! During your trial, you can bring multiple pictures of styles you are interested in, and we can try as many as you like! We can provide advice on what we think might look best for your particular face shape and what will fit best with your style of wedding.


How do the hair and makeup packages work?

Our hair and makeup packages are a great deal! Not only do you get everything without having to deal with two separate companies, but you save money! The savings aren't only for the bride, however. The bridal party saves on their services as well!


What is the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup?

Since traditional makeup can fade without frequent touch-ups, airbrush makeup provides a stress free, long wearing application. Some people even sleep in it and wear it the next day! Airbrush makeup isn't just for celebrities prepping for a full day of filming anymore. When done correctly, it looks natural, feels light, and lasts longer. Traditional makeup also takes time to blend to create a flawless look. However, airbrush makeup does all the work for you, and therefore, is faster to apply. This seamless application process provides a perfect look both in person and on camera- not just in professional photographs either. Think of all the camera phone pictures friends and family take as well!

Traditional makeup is great, too! Since traditional makeup is applied using brushes or a sponge, it can sometimes provide more coverage. It is also great for photoshoots with multiple looks since it is more easily moved around on the skin. Traditional makeup can also look flawless! The main difference is that it will fade faster than airbrush makeup.