Photography Tips for MUAs

Are you struggling with taking great photos of your clients and wondering how these other artists are capturing such great images? Here are a few quick tips you can try today!

1. LIGHTING. I know all caps insinuates that I'm yelling, but it's because I am. Lighting is KEY for getting great photos and having your makeup translate correctly. Natural light is best. Position your client directly in front of a window if possible with no direct light shining on them. If there are no windows (isn't this the worst??), then you absolutely need to invest in a light. When using a light, make sure it is positioned directly in front of the clients face- not above or below to avoid shadows. I personally use Glamcor's Multimedia Extreme light; however, there are tons of lighting options out there. Another great lighting system is The Makeup Light. Do your research, and find out what suits you best.

2. Clean your lens. This may seem like a simple one, but more often that not your pictures aren't clear because your lens is dirty. This could even just be a fingerprint! Every time before I take a photo, I wipe off the lens on my shirt and BAM. Game changer.

3. Zoom in. The iPhone in particular has a fish eye effect and can distort the image. Before taking the picture, zoom in to frame the picture however you choose. Also, be sure to tap the client's face to make sure it's focused.

That's it! Apply these 3 tips next time and see your picture game get stronger! Want to know more? Stay tuned for a huge announcement coming in the next couple weeks where you can learn this plus much MUCH more!